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2nd Grade

Welcome to 2nd grade at Green Woods Charter School!

Second grade is filled with amazing learning opportunities! A major focus for second graders is to become organized, responsible and independent learners who enjoy exploring and gaining knowledge. We hope to instill a love of learning and to empower our students with the understanding that they can drive their own learning experience.


Green Woods uses American Reading Company (ARC) Core as our ELA curriculum resource. ARC Core is a framework that provides teachers with a structure to promote inquiry through apprenticeship. The resource provides a scope and sequence aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), high interest text for teacher modeling, and varying levels of text for student independent work. Along with the framework, ARC provides an Independent Reading Level Assessment that guides teachers through setting individual reading goals for students. flashlight

The ARC resources support students as developing readers by providing them with strategies they need to be able to read complex text on their own. Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, and Language skills are embedded throughout each unit as students study themes connected to Science, Social Studies, and Literature.

There are 4 units of study throughout the school year.  In Second Grade these units consist of Literacy Lab, Bugs in their Ecosystems, Animal Stories, and Jobs in My Community.


Green Woods uses the Into Math curriculum built for instruction on the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). This curriculum is an intentional and comprehensive mathematics program that centers on student growth. Growth is maximized when instruction, assessment, and mindset are coordinated and aligned. Throughout the year, students build their conceptual understandings, improve their procedural fluency, and apply their knowledge in meaningful contexts and real-world applications. With more focused learning, every student can achieve at their highest levels.

In Second Grade the Into Math Program focuses on number to 20 and data, place value, money, time, two & three digit addition and subtraction.


Students in the second grade will use Bring Science Alive! Exploring Science Practices, to discover what living things need to survive and how they depend on one another; examine the properties of various materials and how they can be used to make useful objects and recognize the different kinds of land and water on the Earth’s surface and how it can move and change over time.  They will use a variety of science and engineering practices and crosscutting concepts during their active investigations and discussions. 

Year at a Glance


Trimester #1

Trimester #2

Trimester #3

Unit Title

Plant and Animal Survival

Earth’s Surface

Materials and Their Uses

Lesson Essential Questions

  1. What kinds of living things are there?
  2. What do animals and plants need to survive?
  3. How do plants and animals depend on each other?
  4. Why do plants and animals live in some places and not others?
  5. How do plants and animals survive in a rainforest?
  6. How do plants and animals survive in a desert?
  7. How do plants and animals survive in a pond?
  8. How do plants and animals survive in the ocean?
  1. What is on Earth’s surface?
  2. What kinds of land and water are found on Earth?
  3. How do maps show land and water?
  4. How does Earth’s surface change?
  5. How do earthquakes and volcanoes change the land?
  6. How do wind and water change the land?
  7. How can problems caused by wind and water be solved?
  1. What is everything made of?
  2. How are liquids and solids different?
  3. How are materials used for different purposes?
  4. How can materials be reused?
  5. What happens when materials are mixed?
  6. What happens when materials are heated or cooled?