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School Climate

Green Woods Charter School is committed to providing a learning environment that is conducive to the achievement of academic excellence and the development of age-appropriate social skills and relationships. As members of Green Woods Charter School, students are expected to accept responsibility for their own actions and to contribute to a climate that fosters respect for self, others, and the environment. This helps to set the foundation for meaningful learning and positive relationships.
Green Woods Charter School understands and acknowledges the need for a comprehensive and easily understood discipline policy, but we also realize the limitations and problems with a one-size-fits-all system. As such, Green Woods Charter School reserves the right to examine each behavioral problem on an individual basis. This includes, but is not limited to, examining the context in which the infraction occurred along with the events that led up to and followed the infraction.
Only with the mutual support of parents and teachers can Green Woods Charter School effectively influence student behavior. As the adult members of our community we must strive to:
  • Model positive relationships among ourselves
  • Discuss, communicate, and monitor behavioral expectations
  • Provide acceptable limits for student's behavior
  • Support students as they experiment with socially appropriate behavior
  • Intervene and quietly and respectfully counsel students when necessary
  • Remove disruptive students promptly
  • Promptly recognize, share, and reward positive student behavior
It is expected that all of our students, including students with IEPs, will follow the rules to promote positive student conduct in school, in all classes, in all areas of the school, at school activities and during the time spent in travel to and from school and school events. To that end, the overall goal of Green Woods Discipline Policy is for students to:
  • Respond to reasonable requests to maintain standards of socially acceptable behavior.
  • Respect the rights of your classmates to learn in an environment free from distractions and interruptions.
  • Respect the person and property of others.
  • Preserve the degree of order necessary to the educational program in which they are engaged.
  • Respond positively and promptly to adults charged with the responsibility of monitoring student behavior.
Ideal discipline is self-directed. However, when self-discipline fails, disciplinary action must be imposed to protect the rights, safety, and learning opportunities for all students by ensuring that interrupted learning is immediately addressed and minimized.

At Green Woods, we believe that disciplinary action must be consistent and effective based on the vision and mission of our school. Policies for handling violations of our Student Code of Conduct are the responsibility of all staff with support from the administration. All adults in our community are responsible for ensuring that all students meet the requirements outlined in our Discipline Policy and our Parent/Student Handbook.
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