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GWCS Building Expansion Project


Construction starts Spring/Summer 2024





Why The Need For A Building Expansion?

Space - Safety - Mission


On April 21, 2022, the GWCS Board of Trustees approved a building addition that addressed three areas: 
(Space) The reclamation of common space from the conversion of our 3rd floor Media Center and Teacher’s lounge into classroom spaces as a result of the COVID 19 Pandemic.
(Safety) Enhancing our front entrance area to increase safety by adding another vestibule as well as an adult bathroom on the first floor and;
(Mission) Aligning to our mission with the addition of a greenhouse, science classroom and Environmental Science room.  
What To Expect and FAQ

When will construction begin and how long will construction last?
Construction is currently anticipated to begin in Fall 2023 with an anticipated completion during the 2024-25 school year. 
Safety for students?
The construction site will be off limits to staff and students with the use of barricades, gates and clear signage. In addition, agreements will be made with the construction staff on appropriate start and finish times as well as a clear no contact policy with students. 
What will construction impact?
Construction will most notably impact our existing front entrance. A new front entrance path and entry will be created (Highlighted in Red).  This path will meet ADA and egress (Fire Drill, Lockdowns) compliance requirements as well as accommodate visitors and deliveries. 
How will construction affect morning arrival,dismissal and parking?
Morning arrival and dismissal will happen as normal. Car drop off will continue in the mornings and parents/guardians will walk down during dismissal. However, the parking spots in the driveway will be fenced off and used as a construction lay down area. Handicap parking spaces will still be made available. 
How will construction affect lunches and school activities that are typically held in the space?
Partitions and zipper walls will be constructed internally to separate construction from school activities. This will allow use of the spaces.  However, all measures will be taken to avoid adjacent use of the space (Noise) during the school day.
How will construction affect recess?
The circle will be blocked off for half use and students will have full access to the Meadow.