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Student Activities

Activity Descriptions:
STEM Club:

Students in grades 1 - 4 will work together to explore and learn about a plethora of science concepts through hands on activities, critical thinking and experimentation. By collaborating with their peers of varying ages, students will also learn important team building and cooperative skills. By the end of the program, students will be able to explain concepts such as action/reaction forces, weight and balance, stability, animal behavior and habitats, buoyancy, molecule structure and much more!

Reading Olympics:

The Philadelphia READS Reading Olympics engages fourth through eighth graders from Philadelphia’s public, parochial, charter, independent and after school programs in a reading competition. Teams of up to 12 students collectively read the books on the Philadelphia READS Reading Olympics book list and practice working together as a team to answer questions about those books. The teams come together in May at an assigned college campus location to answer questions about the books. The teams accumulate points for every correct answer during three rounds of competition earning each team member a blue, red, or green ribbon based on the number of points their team has earned.

AV Club:  

Students will participate in hands on media activities led by an Emmy award winning television producer. Students will learn the fundamentals of framing shots, shooting, and writing, Work product is expected to be student projects such as podcasts, short films, video poetry and more, hopefully in time for the Music/Art Gala. A The club will meet 30 times with industry guests included for at least three meetings including a director, scriptwriter and videographer.

Running Club:

Running Club will run many miles and allow students to grow as individuals. Students will run races throughout the year, including the Lisa’s army 5K, the Rothman 8K, Philly Style 5K, and the ultimate goal the Broad Street 10 miler. Runners will be challenged to set goals, and reach them.

Basketball Club:

To formulate competitive basketball teams for boys and girls from 6th-8th grade. They will learn the fundamentals of basketball along with the advanced skills that will develop them into competitive basketball players.

Robotics Club:

Robotics club will meet bi-weekly to compete in cooperative and individual robotic challenges. The club will foster a sense of comradery and build technical skills in the area of robotics.

Elementary & Middle School Choir: 

The purpose for these groups is to help students further build and cultivate their skills as musicians, both theoretically, and as performers. This group allows them the opportunity to work with others that carry the same passion for singing that they have, and it helps them to strengthen their social skills with team building exercises. They will also be learning about various styles and genres of music, as well as music from different cultures, and songs in other languages.

Storybook STEM:

The program will provide students with a weekly lesson involving a read aloud and accompanying stem activity. The lesson will provide the following essential skills: reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, science, and engineering.