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Student Activities

Elementary Activities:
This club allows for students to be creative and work on creating different crafts throughout the year. Students will work on all different types of arts and crafts, including some that will be holiday/seasonal themed. 
The students will be meeting to practice reading and improvising rhythms, as well as how to properly play in an ensemble. The group will strengthen their teamwork skills, as well as their skills as musicians and performers.
The 3/4 STEM Club will teach students how the Engineering Design Process works, and have them experience working on STEM challenges with their peers. Each week, club members will be given a new stem challenge that they will complete. Each challenge will have club members designing, building, reflecting and sharing their project with the group.
This club will focus on a different storybook and stem activity to accompany it during each meeting. Students will be working hands-on with the components of S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering, and math) and will engage in activities, crafts, and experiments. 
Middle School Activities:
GWCS Girls Basketball is committed in creating a basketball environment that prioritizes the health and well-being of young athletes and promotes their enjoyment and development in the game. It is our goal for the 2021 2022 Girls Basketball season to shape well rounded individuals on the court and off the court.
GWCS Boys Basketball gives student-athletes a chance to learn the game of basketball, build their confidence, and allow them to be a part of a team sport, which will help them grow physically, mentally & socially. The basketball team will also bring the school community together by giving the students a chance to support their school and show their school spirit.
Choir help students further build and cultivate their skills as musicians, both theoretically, and as performers. This group allows them the opportunity to work with others that carry the same passion for singing that they have, and it helps them to strengthen their social skills with team building exercises. They will also be learning about various styles and genres of music, as well as music from different cultures, and songs in other languages.
Teamwork Development. Working with others is essential in all areas of life. Working with teammates from different backgrounds and skill levels in competitive dance helps our dancers to see themselves as part of a team, not just an individual, which helps them strive for success as a team. Increased Skills Acquisition. When you are part of competitive dance, steps, movements and methods are at a faster pace. With the practice and dedication needed, you can watch your dancer dramatically increase their abilities in a shorter time.Valuable Life Lessons. Competitions for dance teach valuable life lessons. You can expect your child to learn about teamwork, resolving differences, how to be a polite winner or loser, professional networking, and much more all within the sport of competitive dance.
Drama Club is an opportunity for middle school students to stretch and grow as actors, producers, and playwrights! We will do lots of improvisation and drama games to build our theatre skills, and will also create a play (or plays!) to produce and perform.
Each week, students can stamp their passports and “travel” to a new country!  While visiting, we will learn about each country's culture, language, landmarks, history and more! During our time together, students will log their learning in a personal travel journal.  At the end of the year, students will have a fun keepsake to remember all of their travels!

Technology Student Association is a national STEM based competitive club that we are running as an evolution of the previous Robotics club. Teams and individuals will compete in a variety of events, including biotechnology, dragster, inventions and innovations, video game design, along with others. 
Running Club will run many miles and allow students to grow as individuals. Students will run races throughout the year, including the Lisa’s army 5K, the Rothman 8K, Philly Style 5K, and the ultimate goal the Broad Street 10 miler. Runners will be challenged to set goals, and reach them.
Yearbook club is for middle school students who will take pictures of individual classes and special events, organize school photos in Dropbox, set up pages and design the layout of the GWCS yearbook!