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Special Education Department

The purpose of the special education department at Green Woods Charter School is to provide Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) to students with disabilities. At Green Woods, we want to ensure that students with disabilities find success in a regular education setting. A student may receive additional services if the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team determines that related services are required for that student to make adequate academic progress in the general curriculum. These services include but are not limited to speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, remedial reading, and counseling.

Comprehensive Student Assistance Process

The mission of the CSAP is to ensure that all students reach high standards by working hard at each level of the school and to see that no student "falls between the cracks". The most important community is the classroom. The most important partnership is that of the school staff and the students' families working together to support each student realizing his/her potential. The staff at Green Woods Charter School is committed to supporting the scholastic and social-emotional development of the "whole child". The CSAP is designed to facilitate that mission.

Standard #1: Classroom

CSAP is the process by which the support team comes together collaboratively to create an instructional environment that will meet the needs of all the students within the classroom community.
  • Instruction is child centered and decisions are driven by both individual and group data
  • Constructivist and accommodated practice are evident in the classroom to create an instructional match for all students. Ongoing performance based assessment is embedded into students' classroom experiences.
  • Classroom communities are designed to be developmentally appropriate and culturally inclusive to ensure positive student behavior and academic outcomes.
Standard #2: Tier I

Meeting time occurs biweekly for the purpose of developing/following best instructional practice. Collaborative problem solving, discussion of classroom practice, and analysis of student work/data to determine appropriate accommodations for all students are the focuses of these meetings.
  • Share effective practices in curriculum, instructional assessment, and accommodation for whole class, small group, and individual students.
  • Conduct collective data reviews using student work, report card marks, etc.
Standard #3: Tier II

Meeting time occurs based on documentation submitted by the general education teacher in order to develop, document, implement, and monitor instructional and/or behavioral support plans that draw on the resources beyond the classroom staff on behalf of individual students who are experiencing difficulty.
  • Create a written outcome based plan of support that includes timelines, roles, and responsibilities (including family and community agency involvement) and specific interventions on behalf of the student, presenting teacher and family as needed.
  • Implement the student support plan within prescribed timeline.
  • Assess progress and revise as needed.
  • Determine next steps for student. Steps may include continuing or modifying support plan, eliminating support plan because interventions were successful and goals were achieved, refer student to Tier III.
  • Include parent in the process
  • Maintain a student file of all pertinent documentation
Standard #4: Tier III

The Student Support Team meets to make formal, documented recommendations for or against any significant school placement or service change for individual students.
  • All processes include due process procedures with timelines and documentation that are required by federal, and/or state laws, legal stipulations, or Green Woods Charter School's policies.