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Technology at Green Woods Charter School

Each year at Green Woods Charter, we are fortunate enough to mold and shape our curriculum so it can address and evaluate current events, monitor and mull over changes within the world around us, and explore and embrace emerging trends in technology to enhance the learning experiences of our students.  In addition to our core curriculum, our teachers work to foster Digital Citizenship and 21st Century skills within their classrooms.

All classrooms enjoy regular access to both iPads and Chromebooks in the classroom, and we also have a Mac Lab available.  Using these devices, students continue to develop and showcase their expertise, participating as advisors to each other, and sometimes showing their teachers a trick or two!  We provide our students with access to educational applications and tools that support mastery learning and enhance their digital literacies.  In addition to using these adaptive technologies and authoring applications, students are also learning how to sharpen their research skills as they develop the ability to critique and analyze a wide array of media to find the most accurate, credible, and current information.  Using G Suite for Education, our students collaborate, peer edit, revise, and publish interactive digital projects that showcase everything that they are learning and passionate about.  These student-centered, technology-enriched practices are all meant to ensure that students who graduate from Green Woods Charter will be able to thrive in any industry or field they choose to pursue!