Support a GWCS sibling in their fight against Hunter's Syndrome

Jonathan Lieber is a first grader at Greenwoods Charter. His younger brother Ethan has a rare terminal disease called Hunter Syndrome. It is caused by a genetic defect, Because of this defect, Ethan's body is unable to produce an important enzyme. Without this enzyme, his body will slowly store waste in his cells, causing progressive systemic damage. He will eventually loose his ability to walk, talk, eat, breath and recognize the people who love him dearly. To date there is no cure and little effective treatment. A team of doctors at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Ohio believe they have found a cure, but they are relying on parents, and foundations to raise the money to start this gene therapy trial. Jonathan and his family work with the nonprofit Sock-it 2 Hunter Syndrome, and together they have made a viral campaign called #skipthechallenge & #fundthecure. Please consider sharing, following, and donating to this urgent cause. You can find the video on their gofundme page here: