GWCS Sweeps the Philadelphia Reading Olympics

On May 17th, our 4th & 5th Grade Reading Olympics Teams went to LaSalle University to compete in the Reading Olympics.  Both teams demonstrated excellent cooperation within their teams and gracious sportsmanship toward opposing teams.  We would especially like to recognize:  
  • Isaac Lukov
  • Mya Dancy
  • Oliver Sheaffer
  • Logan Morrison-Faino
  • Samuel Lopata
  • Ezra Klein
  • James Felix
  • Levon Cohn
  • Max Durso
  • Gia Feliccitti
  • Christopher Folk
  • Jonah Staples
  • Joshua Debrick
  • Nora Flanagan
  • Georgia Wahl
  • Adelaide McGlothlin
  • Jackson Stewart
  • Alyssa Stock
  • Georgia Bartolo
  • Davida Dockiller
  • Alice Bittner-Kleit
  • Ainsley Cheshire
  • Hannah Koch
  • Emilia Cropf

Thank you parents for all of your support over the past several months and a special thank you to those parents who supported us at the competition and/or joined us to celebrate afterwards.

Sincerely, The coaches:

Ms. Horry, Ms. Ferry, Ms. Mosbruger, Ms. Vitello, and Ms. Wargo