Welcome to Our New Website!

February 2018,


Dear Green Woods School Community,


After many months of planning, designing and testing the platform, I am pleased to welcome you to our new website. 


For quite some time many of you shared with me that Green Woods needed a new website to better communicate to the public, one that has a more efficient ability to be utilized on different mobile devices, and the ability to be accessed internally.  Here are a few features I would like to highlight about the new website:


Ø  It is easily accessible by using a smartphone, laptop, desktop or tablet

Ø  You will find tons of information about our school, students, program offerings and even Board information such as minutes and financials

Ø  Browse events happening in our school – you will even find a banner highlighting upcoming dates and activities

Ø  Check out our list of partners where you can learn about our vendors and partners


Something I am sure will stand out to you is that we made a deliberate attempt to migrate some content from the old website while eliminating photos and reports from previous years.  We also made a strong attempt to standardize many parts of the new site in particular our teachers’ pages.


Our goal for the new site is to be able to share pictures, videos and information about our community to you quickly, so that the voices of children and staff can be heard and seen by many of through what I call --- our window to the world.


Keep in mind this is our very first attempt at bringing our website closer to home to allow us complete authority over our branding and how we share information with you.


Please feel free to contact me directly if there’s something you would like to see shared through our site.



Reuben Mills