GWCS Grand Slam Reading Challenge!

Students should spend a minimum of 20 minutes a day reading outside of the classroom In an effort to keep all of our students reading at-level over the summer months​.


I am happy to announce that we have added to our program that will help us achieve this goal. This program aims to avoid the “summer slide” and helps children to maintain their reading level. ​So, let’s work together as team GWCS to:

  • Build good reading habits and encourage lifelong readers
  • Encourage students to read books from all genres and authors
  • Build stamina for reading
  • Reinforce and build fluency, accuracy and comprehension skills
  • Encourage family discussions about the book


What is the goal?
  • For every GWCS student to read and maintain his/her reading level

  • For the GWCS students to collect as many reading minutes as possible as whole school. (In one month 2nd grade collected over 15,000 minutes...can you imagine how many minutes we could collect as a school?)

  • For each student to collect their own personal minutes and get their name on our “Reading Wall of Fame”.


What do you need to do?

  • Students need to log in the minutes they have read in a day on the monthly calendar that is provided ( June , July and August). ​A parent MUST sign off on the calendar.

  • Students must add up the minutes read and write the total of minutes read this summer. (Students cannot go on the Reading Wall of Fame unless their minutes have been added-we cannot add minutes for 675 children!)

  • Students who read 100 to 1600 minutes will receive a ​certificate for a slice of pizza.

  • Students who read 1,600 or more minutes will receive a $5.00 certificate for the Scholastic Book Fair in the fall.


Where can I get information?

  • Book lists are included here, as well as extra calendars. 



So, join the challenge! Be a part of team GWCS! Climb the ladder to reading success and don’t let summer slide take your child down!