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Elementary Science

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1st & 2nd Grade Science
3rd and 4th Grade Science
Welcome to Elementary Science! 
The K-2 Science Scope & Sequence:
"A Year of Exploration"
(Using our School Grounds)
1st Grade
"Examining the Earth"
(Using the Green Woods Pond)
2nd Grade
"A Deeper Understanding of our World"
(Using our grounds, community, and world)
Experiencing the Natural World through our 5 Senses
  • 5 Senses
  • Weather
  • Forest
Earth's Water & Water Habitats = Hydrosphere
  • Water Cycle
  • Types of Water Habitats
  • Ponds & Wetlands
  • Oceans
Amazing Animal Adaptations!
  • Animal classifications
  • Bats
  • Adaptations
  • Fossils & Extinct species
Engineering & Agriculture
  • STEM - including Balance & Motion
  • Agriculture
Earth & Land Habitats
  • Rocks
  • Soil
  • Landforms
  • Biomes
  • Animals in Winter/Adaptations
Earth & Space
  • Earth's natural resources
  • Alternative energies
  • Weather
  • Reason for the seasons/space
Exploring Ecology
  • Insects
  • Water Habitats
Positive & Negative Human Effects on the Environment
  • Negative: Waste, overuse of resources, pollution, trash vortex, threatened/endangered species
  • Positive: Recycling, composting, reducing waste
  • Agriculture
Insects & Plants
  • Food Chains
  • Bees
  • IPM
  • Seeds/Plants
  • Flowers & Trees
Elementary Science Curriculum: Scope & Sequence


Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

1st Trimester


    • Soil investigations, tree habitats
  • Treehouse exploration


    • Bird adaptations, bird habitats, bird observations
  • Audubon and treehouse exploration of birds

Water (General)

  • Review water cycle
  • Different sources of water on Earth, fresh water on Earth
  • Water use reduction
  • Water health


  • What is a watershed, what watershed do we live in
  • Contributions to a watershed include groundwater, surface water and precipitation
  • Capture, store, and release water
  • Seasonal watersheds
  • Dream a Stream

Earth and Time (Geological Time)

  • Geologic time
  • How Earth and solar system formed
  • Radioactive dating
  • Early Atmosphere and Earth
  • Big History Project

Inside Earth/Geology

  • Rocks and minerals, Earth-time scale, dinosaurs, fossils
  • Metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary rocks

Plate Tectonics

  • Pangea and continental drift
  • Convergent/Divergent, Subduction, convection, mid ocean ridges

2nd Trimester

Sound and Physics

  • Waves, volume frequency, vibration, parts of the human ear, sonar, radar, echolocation
  • Newton’s Laws, force and motion, inertia and mass, action and reaction force

Solar System

  • Early astronauts, early discovery tools,
  • Sun, Earth, planets
  • What is a system, orbit, rotate, revolution
  • Meteors, comets, asteroids

Water Testing

  • Macroinvertebrates:
  • Vocab and materials for water testing
  • Dissolved Oxygen, pH, Nitrogen
  • Nitrates, biotic/abiotic, Phosphates
  • Use results of water testing to determine health of the water

Shad in the Classroom

  • Fish impacts on watersheds, water tests upstream and downstream, hydroponic plant garden? (water effects on plants)
  • Fish adaptations: Fashion a fish
  • Fred the Fish


  • Seismic tomography, news and history
  • Epicenters, P/S waves, magnitude
  • Building for earthquakes, Richter vs. Modified Mercalli Scale
  • Building Project


  • Types of volcanoes, ring of fire, extinct/dormant
  • Building Volcanoes


  • Basic cartography, orienteering, compass skills, topography/bathymetry
 3rd Trimester


  • Plant agriculture and sustainability, history of agriculture, biotic/abiotic factors, soil tests, CSAs
  • Other things on farms- animals, products from them

Food Cycles

  • Tie together plants and animals, herbivores/carnivores/ omnivores
  • Food processing, nutrition, farm to table
  • Flood control: effects on ecosystems/ habitats/ change, STEM building dams, natural dams
  • Hydroelectric Power: physical science tie in to magnets, electricity, kinetic/potential energy, circuits
  • Issues: Habitat change/loss, environmental impacts on watersheds


  • Horseshoe crabs, anatomy, fish, birds, wildlife
  • Early atmosphere
  • Layers of the atmosphere, air pressure, makeup, importance, heat absorption
  • Seasons

Weather and Climate

  • Weather forecasting, fronts, weather maps and symbols, isobars
  • Weather vs climate, climate change debate


  • Types: wind, water, ice