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3rd Grade

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Shana Schmoyer
Welcome to third grade! It's sure to be a fun-filled year!

Environment and Ecology/Science
We kick off the year by studying farming communities, agriculture, and the origins of food. We will then examine how raw foods become produce as well as studying the food groups and the importance of nutrition. In December, we turn our attention to space
and the planets. During the second semester, we will focus on the physics of sound, the forest habitat, and birds.
Social Studies
Along with our study of farm communities, students will study similarities and differences between urban, rural, and suburban communities. Next, we step beyond local communities to explore the history of our state and nation. We will explore the purpose of laws and our government as well as the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. We then study famous people and their contributions to society as well as ways that we as individuals can make a difference. Students will become detectives as they engage in historical research.
Language Arts
We are excited to be implementing our new ELA curriculum called Journeys. Journeys is a comprehensive K-6 English language arts program. It provides an instructional system for reading both literature and informational texts, for acquiring foundational skills, and for developing mastery of speaking, listening and writing. 
Reading and writing workshops will help students hone their skills as both readers and writers. In addition, we will strive to improve our vocabulary each week with our spelling words.
In our writing, we will focus on sentence structure, grammar, and mechanics. In addition, we will work on structure and organization as our writing assignments become more extensive. Throughout the year we will explore different text conventions and literary genres such as informational texts, fables, and biographies.
Using the Go Math! program beginning with addition and subtraction, we will progress to multiplication and division. Students will be introduced to standard and metric measurements and learn to calculate area and perimeter. Shapes, angles, probability, and fractions will round out the year in math.