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1st Grade

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Liz Priest 
Peggy PalmerMargaret Palmer
Welcome to first grade at Green Woods Charter School! Our first grade teachers strive to foster an environment for inquisitive, independent thinkers who truly understand the importance of lifelong learning. We create a strong sense of community within our classes through daily Morning Meetings and opportunities for partnerships and teamwork. Students will also use problem solving skills and reasoning throughout the academic day to foster personal responsibility and independence.

Environment and Ecology/Science
Our major unit of study for Environmental Science will be the pond. Throughout the year students will have opportunities to visit the John Heinz Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum and other sites for field studies.  Students will study temperature, water cycle, seasons, and stewardship in addition to in-depth exploration of the plants and animals that live in and around the pond. In the fall, the class will learn much about frogs. They will study weather and seasonal changes during the winter. In spring, students will broaden their knowledge of water by studying wetlands, bogs, and other bodies of water.
Social Studies
First graders will spend their year learning about the world around them. At the beginning of the year, first graders learn about the community within our classroom and school. We explore ways to keep our learning environment safe and effective through the creation of class rules and jobs. In the fall we will study classrooms of long ago and the history of our country. The winter solstice will give us an opportunity to learn about light-based celebrations and discuss different types of families and their traditions. In the spring our focus of study will shift to maps and map skills.
Our goal for first grade is to create independently motivated readers and writers. Through building our independent reading stamina and learning to choose "Good Fit Books," students will put their strategies and skills to work with self-selected books that are meaningful and motivating. First graders will also have the opportunity to participate in a daily Writer's Workshop where they will put their skills to work on writing activities of their choice. To build a solid foundation for literacy, students will participate in daily phonics lessons that follow the Fundations curriculum. Additionally, students will have opportunities to work with texts through shared reading, read-aloud, poetry, and in all other academic areas.  We are excited to be implementing our new ELA curriculum called Journeys. Journeys is a comprehensive K-6 English language arts program. It provides an instructional system for reading both literature and informational texts, for acquiring foundational skills, and for developing mastery of speaking, listening and writing. 
At Green Woods, we follow the Go Math! Curriculum model. Lessons in first grade will cover a wide variety of concepts in order to prepare for later grades and more challenging work. We create an environment of numeracy through daily warm-ups that relate to a variety of mathematical skills. Students will have opportunities to build a strong number sense, manipulate numbers, work with money, explore geometry, and solve multi-step problems. Students will participate in whole group lessons, partner games, group games, and independent work to practice math skills. In first grade, students will develop a sound base of mathematical concepts to build upon in future grades.