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Green Woods Charter School to Hold its Lottery!

Overwhelming Demand Reflects the Need for More High-Quality Charters.

PHILADELPHIA, January 31, 2013 — More than 1,000 families have entered the Green Woods Charter School lottery hoping to enroll a child in Green Woods Charter School, Philadelphia's award-winning, environmentally focused K-8 public school. The online application process was active from November 1st through January 31st. Families are now invited to attend the public lottery session on February 13, 2013 at 6:00PM at the Green Woods 3-8 Campus located at 171 Conarroe Street (the former St. Mary's Catholic School) where numbers will be randomly sorted and a waiting list generated. The school expects to have only about 40 seats open for lottery applicants for September 2013: all of those for Kindergarten.

Green Woods CEO Jean Wallace appreciates the outpouring of interest, yet is discouraged by the very small percentage of families that will ultimately "win" a seat. "It is certainly frustrating when any entity is forced to turn away more than 98 percent of its customers. It is especially disheartening when you are turning away a thousand children and families seeking the commodity of a quality education. When a child's academic future rests on the luck of the draw, it makes it obvious that the system needs more high-quality schools such as Green Woods."

By doubling its enrollment last year, and through a successful campaign to reach a diversity of Philadelphia families, Green Woods currently enrolls students from 30 zip codes throughout the city. This year, the school is now mandated by the School District of Philadelphia to enroll a minimum of 75 percent of lottery applicants from its local catchment area putting a bit of a stranglehold on its successful efforts to grow its city-wide, geographic diversity. "Obviously the demand is there and Green Woods has requested time and again for the opportunity to open up additional EIC schools and even to expand our current school to include a high school. It is important that families understand that we very much want to meet this demand and serve their children," said Wallace.

For families unsuccessful in this year's lottery, they will need to reapply for next year.

About Green Woods Charter School

Recognized by Philadelphia Magazine as "one of the top ten schools in the city," and serving as a model for replication both statewide and nationally, Green Woods Charter School provides children in grades K through 8 with many opportunities to be active young stewards of the natural world. "Green Woods is an national model for the creation of educational opportunities for young people, " said U. S. Congressman, Chaka Fattah.

At Green Woods, the environment is used as a comprehensive focus and framework for learning. In using the Environment as an Integrating Context (EIC) curriculum model, Green Woods engages pupils, inspires teachers, improves test scores, and closes the achievement gap.

For more information, visit www.greenwoodscharter.org or call the school at 215-482-6337.

About Philadelphia Charter Schools

More than 50,000 students attend charter schools in Philadelphia. Philadelphia parents understand the real hope offered by quality charter schools, as there are an additional 40,000+ students now on waiting lists to get into charter schools. Yet, many advocate putting a moratorium on charter schools in Philadelphia, saying that they take money from the public school district. Philadelphia taxpayers pay substantially less money per student to educate a child in a charter school than in a traditional public school.