Green Woods Technology


Technology at Green Woods Charter School

Technology Class Each year at Green Woods we are fortunate enough to mold and shape our curriculum so it can address and evaluate current events, monitor and mull over changes to the world around us, and explore and embrace new trends in technology. 

Our pilot program quickly expanded as all classrooms now have regular access to both iPads and Chromebooks in the classroom. Students continue to show their own expertise with these tools, participating as advisors to each other, and sometimes showing their teachers a trick or two! Students continue to learn new apps they apply to creating and designing projects, and sharpen their research skills as they now view up to the minute content and current events in the palm of their hands. They also gain experience in the many uses of digital cameras, audio and visual devices, and other technology as tools which help us to grasp the world around us and express our understanding. We look forward to expanding our mobile technology program in the future, to include more devices and increased use across all our content areas.