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Science K - 2

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Science Grades K - 2

Every day, Green Woods teachers provide students with dynamic learning experiences that focus on the relationship between humans and the natural world. Green Woods utilizes the multitude of natural resources within our community as a "learning laboratory" for exploration and discovery. Starting in Kindergarten, students are introduced to the interactions that take place in the natural world and how they, as humans, fit into the environment. To bring learning to life, even our youngest naturalists pull on their hiking boots and interact with the environment in a way that very few children get to do.

While each grade focuses on one major theme each year and learns about specific content related to that theme, many of the concepts taught in K-2 Science will overlap throughout the grades. This does not mean that they are completing the same activities each year; instead these skills are being spiraled and scaffolded so that our students' understanding is being built up as the child moves through the grades. During the Kindergarten year students are introduced to a diversity of habitats and ecosystems such as the field, ponds, forest and wetlands. First grade then focuses most of their attention on wetlands and the pond, while second grade spends the year focusing on the field as both a habitat and ecosystem.

Here is what the students in K-2 will be learning in more detail:


September - Five Senses
October - Intro to the Forest
November - Cont. Forest and Intro to the Pond
December - Intro to Agriculture
January - Cont. Agriculture and Fabric
February - Cont. Fabric and STEM - hands on activities
March - Intro to Field
April - Cont. Field
May - Water Habitats
June - End of the year review

Science k-2

First Grade

September - Intro to Habitats, Ponds
October - Ponds, Frogs and Toads
November - Animals of the Pond and Water Cycle
December - Food Chains and Web of Life
January - Signs of Winter, Adaptations
February - Winter Adaptations cont.
March - Life Cycles and Pests
April - Natural Resources
May - Habitat Loss and Env. Laws
June - End of the year review

Second Grade

September - Natural Resources, Composting and Recycling
October - Animal Classification, Bats
November - Weather
December - Weather cont.
January - Solar Systems
February - Adaptations
March - Extinct and Endangered Species, Food Chains
April - Bees and IPM
May - Plants, Flowers, and Trees
June - End of the year review