Science Grades 3-5

Science 3 - 5

Our Teacher

Erica Po

Science Grade 3

Science Grades 3-5Our third grade year starts off with agriculture and building an understanding of how farms produce fruits and vegetables. After understanding the basics of food production, students can learn about how raw foods are turned into food products and how all of these foods fit into the food groups. After spending our time on Earth, we decide to journey into our solar system and understand where we fit in. We also look at the physics of sound around this time of year. Finally, we wrap our year up by returning to Earth and studying birds, trees, and the habitats of forest.

Science Grade 4

Science Grades 3-5In fourth grade we focus on watersheds. We start with water's properties and how to test the quality of water through hands-on experience. Once we have a good understanding of water basics we look at Native American's lives and how water played such an important role. From there we look at the functionality of dams. Finally, we wrap this year up by studying estuaries and the importance of horseshoe crabs and shorebirds.

Science Grade 5

Science Grades 3-5

Our fifth grade class is an Earth science year. We start by studying maps and learning how to use them effectively. We follow this by studying landforms and the ways erosion and deposition can change them.

Next we study the hydrosphere and the atmosphere. We continue to study meteorology by using some of the tools used in forecasting.

We then look at the rock cycle, which ends with volcanoes, earthquakes, and plate tectonics.