Music at Green Woods Charter School

Things are definitely swinging in the music room here at Green Woods! All students in Kindergarten, First and Second start out the year finding their singing voices and learning all about how we build music through the use of rhythm and melody. As the school year progresses students in K-2 get comfortable singing by themselves and with their classes. After the winter break we begin working on musicals, which students will be performing in the spring!

Grades 3-4

Third and Fourth grade students explore the structure of music, and learn to write and play their own rhythmic compositions. Throughout the year their music writing will shift from simple rhythms, to melodic concepts, through lyrical composition, and finally putting all of the elements together. Third and Fourth grade also learn how to play the recorder starting in the Spring semester, with the culmination of their efforts being a combined concert at the end of the school year!

Grades 5-8

Fifth through Eighth grade takes a more global perspective of music answering questions such as: What music is? How it is used? Where did it come from? How it is important in every day life. Fifth grade spends the year answering the question "What Is Music?" Through our integrated approach to learning, they do experiments in other academic areas such as Science and Technology to help answer this question. Sixth grade studies the origins of music. They learn about music of the Medieval Period, and work their way up to Music of the 20th century. Quite a history and social studies lesson! Seventh and Eighth grade learns about music in the world around them.

Composing Thoughtful Reviews

Seventh grade integrates writing into their music listening pleasure by composing thoughtful reviews about the music they listen to. Students also study laws and regulations governing the music industry and debate the legality of music downloading. They also spend time learning about the structure of the ear, how they hear, how they are damaging their hearing, and how they can better protect themselves. Eighth grade goes back in time to learn about the history of Popular Music: where and when "Pop" music began, and what was popular throughout American history all the way up to the most current album releases.

Comprehensive Knowledge

My hope for all classes is that they gain a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of what music is, how it is important in their everyday lives, and how they can use it. Whether it is sharing what they learn by singing at home for friends and family, or typing a quick but thoughtful review for their favorite artist on iTunes, it is important that our students understand that music plays an important role in their lives.