Grade 5

Grade Five

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Mandi Kidd
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Language Arts Grade 5

5th grade language arts classes will follow a reader's workshop model. Within a reader's workshop model, specific reading skills are introduced through a mini-lesson and practiced through independent and guided reading. This year, the 5th grade teachers will be utilizing a variety of reading materials and genres. We will be taking a closer look at historical fiction, biographies, novels, short stories, magazine and newspaper articles, and plays.

During writer's workshop, students will have the opportunity to navigate through the writing process (pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing, publishing) to compose a variety of genres including narratives, informational, expository, and persuasive writing. Students should have an opportunity to write everyday in order to support writing skills and gain a general interest in the art. Grammar, reading comprehension strategies, and vocabulary will be interwoven throughout the curriculum where relevant and will also be taught in isolation. Many of our reading and writing selections will be integrated with the social studies and science curriculum and will provide us with relevant background knowledge about what we are studying in those subjects.

Reading and Writing Activities:

  • Literature Circle Discussions
  • Shared/Guided/Independent Reading
  • Journaling/Reflecting
  • Independent and Partner Reading
  • Individual and Group Projects
  • Book Reports
  • Shared/Guided/Independent Writing
  • Writing Portfolios

Social Studies Grade 5

In 5th grade social studies we will be studying the early history of the United States. We will begin with the French and Indian and Revolutionary Wars. Next, we will be taking a look at the documents that shaped our government such as the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and Constitution. The U.S. states and capitals will be studied as well. We will then examine global citizenship and how it relates to issues such as global warming. Manifest Destiny will be our next topic of study as we look at westward expansion including land exploration and the Gold Rush. Finally we will look at the differences between the North and the South that ultimately led to the Civil War. Our projects will include map making, biography writing, journal keeping, poetry writing, and a case study on global warming.

Math Grade 5

During the fifth grade year we will use the "Everyday Mathematics" curriculum developed by the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project. Fifth grade will be an exciting year covering many different topics including: Numeration (place value, fractions, decimals, percents), Operations and Computations (building algorithms to add, subtract, multiply, and divide multidigit whole numbers and decimals), and Geometry (measuring and drawling angles, constructing circles, and calculating the area and perimeter of multiple shapes). Fifth grade will continue to practice basic skills and revisit topics regularly to ensure full concept development.

Science Grade 5

Our fifth grade class is an Earth science year. We start by studying maps and learning how to use them effectively. We follow this by studying landforms and the ways erosion and deposition can change them. Next we study the hydrosphere and the atmosphere. We continue to study meteorology by using some of the tools used in forecasting. We then look at the rock cycle, which ends with volcanoes, earthquakes, and plate tectonics.