Grade 2

Grade Two

Our Teachers

Second grade is filled with amazing learning opportunities! A major focus for second graders is to become organized, responsible and independent learners who enjoy exploring and gaining knowledge. We hope to instill a love of learning and to empower our students with the understanding that they can drive their own learning experience.

Grade 2

Environment and Ecology/Science

Students will spend time studying a variety of thematic units including natural resource (recycling and composting), animal classification, bats, weather, the solar system, adaptations, bees, and plants. The students will spend time within the classroom to learn specific skills and take part in projects. When possible, we will explore the outdoors as part of our learning experience. As part of our science curriculum we have a wonderful and exciting opportunity to partner with the Academy of Natural Sciences for ten weeks to learn all about insects, arachnids, and crustaceans. We will have an opportunity to work with experts and will have access to live examples as well as museum samples and displays. We will also be able to participate in many exciting hands on projects as we learn.

Social Studies

We cover the following themes in our social studies curriculum: communities, reading and understanding maps, the production of goods, being a good shopper, making a difference in the community, leaders, and good citizenship. We will also touch on the election as well as Pennsylvania and Philadelphia.

Language Arts

Grade 2During language arts and throughout the day second grade has opportunities to learn about common spelling patterns, grammar concepts, reading, and writing strategies. Students will have the opportunity to work in small groups with teacher instruction, share some whole group reading experiences, listen to stories being read to them, and to practice learned skills during independent reading and writing time. They will learn to respond to their own reading by writing about it and will learn to reread their own writing in order to revise and edit. Students learn to use these skills throughout the day in all subject areas.


We use the Everyday Math program. This year in math students will begin to add and subtract larger numbers, work with place value to the millions, practice telling time, work with money, and use various measuring tools. This curriculum lends itself to differentiated instruction, giving those students needing more time, the opportunity for repeated exposure and those needing a challenge, to work using more complex numbers.