Green Woods Charter School

The Trailblazers Club

The Trailblazers Club is Green Woods Charter School's School Wide Positive Behavior Plan and one facet of GWCS's overall of umbrella of service relating to student behavior. The Trailblazers club is modeled from the Principals 200 Club which is a school-wode positive behavior program used in various school districts throughout the state and country. The goal of the Trailblazers club is to reinforce positive choices and actions by our students who demonstrate their ability to follow the school-wide rules; Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Be Safe. There are multiple behaviors associated with the three school-wide rules. Ultimately, the program's goal is to reduce referrals and office visits through positive reinforcement of those students following the three school-wide rules.

Each day a certain amount of Trailblazer tickets are placed in staff mailboxes. This is a random process and students will not know which teachers are holding a Trailblazers ticket on any given day. Teachers will catch students Being Respectful, Responsible, or Safe. When a student receives a Trailblazer Ticket he/she takes that ticket to the main office to sign the Celebrity Book, receive a Trailblazer Certificate, and a random number on our Trailblazer board. After a few weeks the Trailblazer board will fill up with tickets. When ten students and numbers form a row, column, or diagonal these students names are called over the loud speaker and receive the Mystery Motivator prize. Mystery Motivator prizes include gift certificates, small prizes, books, technology time, or an extra gym period, etc.

The Trailblazers club is a K-8 program.