Green Woods Charter School

Title I

Instructional Support


Brynn McGinn
Brynn McGinn
6-8 Literacy Specialist
Elisabeth Horry, K5
Reading Specialist
Elisabeth Horry
K-5 Reading Specialist

Green Woods Charter School receives federal funds through Title I to assist our students with academic needs. The amount of Title I funding we receive is based on the results of our Family Income Surveys, but the services we provide are for any student experiencing academic difficulties.

Equity Plan 2016-2017

Green Woods Charter School believes in equitable access to the best instruction for all students. The school is committed to implementing best practices in all classrooms to improve the achievement of all students.

The following items are included as part of the equity plan:

  • School Accountability Status
  • School Poverty Percentages
  • School Minority Percentage
  • Highly Qualified Teacher Recruitment, Retention
  • Teacher Experience (New Teachers) Percentage
  • Summary Table

School Accountability Status based on 2015-2016 PSSA Results

Green Woods Charter School School Performance Profile

School Poverty as determined by Family Income Survey (September 2016)

Green Woods Charter School 115 students out of 676 enrollment 17%

School Minority Percentage

Green Woods Charter School 213 students out of 676 enrollment 31.5%

NCLB Highly Qualified Teacher Requirements

All public school teachers with primary responsibility for direct instruction in one or more NCLB's core content areas are required to demonstrate that they satisfy the definition of a "Highly Qualified Teacher." The state requirement includes:

  • Elementary level (grades K-6) teachers who teach all subjects to a particular grade;
  • Middle and Secondary level (grades 7-12) core content area instructors;
  • Special Education teachers who provide direct instruction in one or more core content areas; English as a second language (ESL) teachers who provide direct instruction in one or more content areas; and
  • Alternative education teachers who provide instruction in one or more core content area.
Pennsylvania's Definition of Highly Qualified Teachers

To satisfy the definition of a Highly Qualified Teacher, teachers must:

  • Hold a bachelor's degree;
  • Hold a valid Pennsylvania teaching certificate;
  • Demonstrate subject matter competency for the core content area they teach;
  • In Pennsylvania, the NCLB core content areas include English, Reading/Language Arts, Mathematics, Sciences, Foreign Language, Music, Art, and Social Studies

Green Woods Charter School's Position on Hiring and Retaining Highly Qualified Teachers

In order to meet the diverse needs of our students, teachers are selected for Employment based on several factors, including their ability to relate to the population of the students we serve. Teachers are recruited by posting vacancies on-line on our website and in the PAREAP system.

Green Woods Charter School does not hire any teachers that are not highly qualified. Teachers of all teaching levels are placed throughout the school to ensure that low income and minority students are not taught more frequently than other students by inexperienced teachers. The administration examines test results by grade level and subgroup in making decisions regarding teacher placement to ensure the delivery of quality instruction. Retaining highly qualified teachers is a goal of Green Woods Charter School. Teachers are provided the opportunities to attend conferences and workshops designed to enhance their effectiveness in the classroom. Professional development opportunities are offered throughout the school year designed to equip teachers with the latest research-based strategies aimed at meeting the needs of all students.

Highly Qualified Teacher Status

Green Woods Charter School 100%

Teachers with Less than Three Years Experience

Green Woods Charter School 1 out of 39 teachers or 2%

Summary Table

SCHOOL % Poverty % Minority % HQT % Less than 3 yrs exp Accountability Status
Green Woods Charter School 17% 31.5% 100% 2% 69.5