Green Woods Charter School

About Us

Creating Active Young Stewards of the Natural World!

The mission of Green Woods Charter School is to provide children in grades K through 8 with the opportunity to be active, knowledgeable and conscientious young investigators by fostering a keen understanding of the interrelatedness and interdependence of our local and global existence.

Our Vision

Children at Green Woods Charter School will understand that learning is an ongoing process requiring a strong foundation. They will use their special talents and knowledge to constantly improve themselves, their learning, their school, and the environment.


All stakeholders, administration, staff, students, and parents, will engage in ongoing self-assessment and improvement initiatives.

We will be self-critical, constantly learning and continuously improving, accepting responsibility to always be the best. We will all remember that the needs of the children will always come first.

Children will be empowered to make thoughtful and responsible decisions. In addition to knowing how to do things, children will understand why.

Children will not simply tolerate, but will enjoy and actively search for diversity, recognizing that many perspectives are necessary to create a complete picture.

Children will recognize that world problems are complex and the search for answers must include research into politics, economics, human cultures, and the sciences.

Within safe boundaries children will uninhibitedly make mistakes, knowing that each mistake is a treasure trove of information, that mistakes are an essential part of the search for knowledge and that mistakes provide an unparalleled learning opportunity.

Through small, constant steps, our children will develop the precious habit of improvement, doing things better, little by little, all the time.

Children will comfortably ask for what they feel they need, knowing that assistance will be forthcoming, yet recognizing that some answers are not immediate.

We recognize that all children learn in different ways and at different rates. We strive to include students with learning differences in all aspects of the educational experience, creating a positive learning environment for all.

When children learn within a culture of motivation, self-esteem, responsibility and mutual respect, circumstances for inappropriate behavior are greatly minimized. Rules, expectations and consequences will be clearly defined and uniformly communicated.