Green Woods Charter School

Guiding Principles

Parents and families as our partners.

Educators and parents will work together to support the social, emotional and academic needs of our students. Trust is gained in an educational institution where there is a true understanding and recognition of the value of parents and educators working together and where families are actively involved in positively bridging the home and school connection.

Children need to be challenged within a supportive academic learning environment.

Collaboration, teamwork and a safe learning environment are motivators for children as they help build individual self esteem as well as a cohesive learning community.

Children need a well-rounded life.

We expect every child to strive for academic excellence at Green Woods. We also recognize the importance of children's lives outside of school. A balance in our lives is important to adults and to children.

A child's social needs should be addressed within the educational environment.

Balancing the social and emotional needs of children with their educational needs is imperative within our educational setting.

Meeting the needs of children.

We strive to highlight the special talent in each child and will work hard in our effort for full inclusion. Our goal is to meet the learning needs of all of our children, while also keeping in mind that a full-inclusive environment may not always be the most appropriate, or least restrictive, in meeting the needs of every child.

We must continue to strive for alternative approaches to teaching and learning.

Green Woods was not created to replicate existing educational models. We are charged by the State of Pennsylvania to incorporate innovation, flexibility and change in achieving our academic goals and educational mission.

Structure is critical when fostering a safe learning environment for children.

We will address the social, emotional and educational needs of children, while also striving to meet their learning needs. Rules are simplistic, yet empowering. Students appreciate the structure that rules bring and understand the importance of learning in an environment that is safe and free of disruptions. 

We treasure simplicity.

While state-of-the-art technology and advanced curricula are critical to a child's academic development, we also recognize and value the multi-sensory learning opportunities that are fostered through the integration of art, music, and learning in the outdoors. 

Every voice recognized.

Within the guidelines of legal mandates and accountability, we strive to include all stakeholders. We will continuously monitor and assess our actions in carrying out our mission.