Green Woods Charter School Counseling


Our Counselor

Counseling Program at Green Woods Charter School

The counselor at Green Woods works with students at the individual, small group, and classroom levels. All work with the students has a common goal- to help them to make the best possible choices for themselves and to support them as they grow socially, emotionally, and academically. The counselor is also here to consult with teachers, administration, and parents in order to support our students.

The Counselor works closely with the Building Principal and School Leadership Team to implement preventative methods to improve students social and academic success.

What follows is an outline of our School Guidance Curriculum for this year. The Counselor comes to classes regularly to teach lessons. You will notice in the outline that some of the topics will be repeated from grade to grade. This is because individuals, relationships, and classroom communities change from year to year, and some topics are important to revisit as students mature. Links to curricula that are drawn upon heavily are included, but she will also be pulling things in from a variety of resources.

Download the outline of our counseling program.